Latent Semantic Indexing EN

Latent semanatic indexing is a technology, which is used already and which will become more and more important in the future. While in former times only websites, which contained the searched keyword or rather the keyword combination were listed in the search results, the latent semantic indication extends this service.

Because of this technological development it is possible for the search engine to understand the sense and moreover the meaning of textual content on the website and so to classify it as relevant relating to the subject, although the search item does not appear in its natural form.
Also subject-related websites will be denoted with reference to the entered keyword. This is only possible because of the semantic.

Semantic is a sector of the linguistic research and deals with the sense and the meaning of words and their relationship to each other.
This area of research is extremely important for the latent semantic indexing, to teach the search engines which kinds of textual contents of different websites fit together topically and because of this should be factored in search results, although the keyword only appears latently.

This means the keyword „does appear, but is not existing“ which is conform to the definition of „latent“. If and which sort of textual webcontents according to a keyword are indicated as „semantic near“ or „semantic distant“, depends on semantic words, phrases, wordcombinations, synonyms, antonyms and the like, which can be found on different other websites.

Of course words, which occur at regular intervals in every sort of text, like for example „and“, „the“ will rest unnoticed. This procedure is used until only the thematically important words (content words) do remain.

After a comparison of different websites, they are assesed as sematic near, if much content words as possible are conatined and correspondingly semantic distant, if content words are contained only few times. The semantic near websites are listed on top of the search results, even if the keyword does not appear in its natural form, and according to this the less relevant websites more down below. That means that search engines, which use the latent semantic indexing will display more relevant search results to the user of search engines, without the need of requesting extra keywords, which are convenient to the subject.The LSI is still developping and is a method to administrate the increasing amount of information in the www, by classifying the contents analogously in categories.

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